A Passion
I have used Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt for over a decade and it has become the base of all our products.  I first discovered its healing properties while including it as a staple while making bath salts and soap products. A few years ago when I became ill, my naturopath doctor recommended that if I wanted to continue to eat salt, it should be Himalayan salt. It has proved be a valuable addition to my diet: high in minerals, lower in sodium than table salt, contains no pollution from the sea and is easier to digest.


The Experts
We use only the highest quality of unpolluted, unrefined and mineral rich Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt we can source. It comes from a facility that is ethically mined and the product is kept in accordance to the highest food regulations.  It harvested from a salt range in Pakistan close to the foot of the Himalayan Mountains.

Our Himalayan Crystal salt is tested in Canada to prove its purity.

Our supplier receives an IFS (International Food Safety) certificate from their provider.
Products on our site contain up to 84 minerals and trace elements.